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Frequently Asked Questions


How much is it?

Our general booking is $30 per person for a single experience.  Prices may differ for larger groups, but we’ll get to that in another question.

If you want a private experience (you get the entire lane to just your group,) you must check the “private” box when booking your lane.

  • In Akron, the base price for a private lane is $240. This covers up to 8 players. Even if you don’t have 8 people, to get a private lane, you must pay at least $240. Additional players (up to 4 additional for a total group size of 12) may be added for the regular $30 / person.
  • In Canton, the base price for a private lane is $180. This covers up to 6 players. Even if you don’t have 6 people, to get a private lane, you must pay at least $180. Additional players (up to 6 additional for a total group size of 12) may be added for the regular $30 / person.

How do I book an experience?

To book your axe throwing experience in AKRON, reserve your lane(s) online HERE.

To book your axe throwing experience in CANTON, reserve your lane(s) online HERE.

For special day/time requests, or groups over 20, please contact us at operations@allamericanaxethrowing.com or call (234) 281-4012.

Where are your locations?

We currently have 2 locations:

  • Akron, Ohio at 1282 Triplett Blvd. (inside the Akron Haunted Schoolhouse. Please enter at the glass doors under the carport on side of Schoolhouse building.)
  • Canton, Ohio at 4125 Mahoning Road NE (inside the Factory of Terror. Please enter at the glass doors at the corner of Mahoning and Cliftmont.)

When are you open? Do I have to make a reservation? Do you accept walk-ins?

For our regular hours, we do require reservations to be made online at least 30 minutes in advance. We currently only accept walk-ins at our Akron location.*  We are regularly open:

  • Fridays – 6:00 and 8:00 bookings
  • Saturdays ~ Akron – 4:00, 6:00, 8:00, and 10:00 bookings
  • Saturdays ~ Canton – 6:00, 8:00, and 10:00 bookings
  • Other days & times are available by special request only. Please call or email us to make your requests. All requests must be made at least 7 days in advance to ensure availability of staff.  Also, due to staff availability, we do not take requests on Sundays, or before 4:00pm on ANY day.

*We prefer & highly recommend that groups book their axe throwing lanes ONLINE in advance.  However, we DO accept walk-ins at our AKRON LOCATION ONLY on Fridays and Saturdays.

Walk-in groups will be charged $20 PER person PER hour.  We have ONE lane dedicated to only walk-ins, but space is limited and walk-in groups may be placed on the lane with other players not in their group.

We highly recommend booking your lane in advance, as we can not guarantee that there will be availability for any walk-in group.  We do not want anyone’s nights ruined because there is no room for them.

What is the minimum/maximum number of people allowed in a booking?

For regular bookings, we require a minimum of two (2) per lane, and a maximum of twelve (12) people per lane.

For special bookings and groups, we require a minimum of six (6) players.

How long will our experience be?

Your experience will be about one hour and 45 minutes long.  You should arrive 15 minutes prior to the time you have booked.  Our staff will have you sign the waiver, get everyone checked in, and allow you to use the restroom before your axe-ucation begins.

Then, your group will be instructed on the rules, safety and taught how to throw an axe.  After that, you get 90+ minutes to play our selection of fun axe games!

If your group is a walk-in, your experience may be limited to just 1 hour.

Will we be paired with strangers?

Maybe.  Each axe lane can fit up to 12 people.  If you book less than 12 people on a lane and you do not book it as a private experience, there may be other people that book the remaining spots.  Don’t fret, though, it usually makes your experience that much more fun!

Please note that walk-in groups do not have the option to choose a private experience. If the only space available for your group is with other players, you will be placed on a lane with others.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that sometimes life gets in the way and plans change.  Therefore, we will allow groups to cancel their booking. But, if there is not at least 48 hours notice on the cancellation, you will not receive a full refund. If you cancel between 24 and 48 hours in advance, you will receive a 50% refund.  If you cancel with less than 24-hours notice or are a No-Show/No-Call, you will receive NO REFUND*.

*However, it is possible we may lift that policy in certain emergency situations.  Please contact us if you have an emergency.


When should we arrive for our experience?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the time that you have booked.  We need to check you in and have you sign our waivers and other things before we can get you started. If you do not arrive a little early, you may not get your entire 1h45m in the axe lanes.

What should I wear?

First and foremost, for safety purposes we require ALL PARTICIPANTS to wear closed-toed shoes.  The axes can bounce back a bit, and we don’t want to be responsible for your poor little tootsies being hurt.  Not that it’s happened, but we’d rather be safe than sorry.

Other than that, make sure you dress comfortably.  This is a very physical activity, and we don’t suggest you try to throw in your Saturday night club outfit.  But hey, if you’re comfortable throwing in that sparkly tube top and patent leather pants, go for it… you 2001 fashion maven, you.  We recommend wearing layers, as it may start off a little chilly, then get a little sweaty as things progress.  We do frown on public nudity (sorry to ruin your weekend fun), so layer up, ladies and gentlemen!

Is there an age limit?

Yes.  All axe throwing participants at AAAT must be at least 15 years of age.  Anyone 15-17 must have their parents sign their waiver for them.  If the parent is not present, they may print out the WAIVER in advance.

If you absolutely must bring any children 0-14, you may.  They can watch everyone play from a safe distance. However, they can NOT throw any axes, can NOT go inside the throwing lane at all, and YOU are responsible for watching them.  We are axeperts, not babysitters.  Besides, do you really want to leave your kids in the care of people who specialize in throwing sharp objects?

Are we allowed to take pictures/videos?

ABSOLUTELY!  We encourage groups to document their experience as much as they like, and share your fun wherever you want.  However, we ask that you do make sure that it does not disrupt any of your axe games.  We will take a group photo or two at the end of your experience that will be posted to our Facebook.

What are the rules to throw axes?

Your group will be instructed on all of the rules at the beginning of your experience by one of our axeperts. Some of it involves axe-throwing technique, but most of it involves safety.  Safety is #1 at AAAT, so listen to your axeperts.  If anyone is disobeying our safety guidelines, our axeperts reserve the right to cut the experience short, or to not allow any one person inside the throwing lanes for the rest of the time.

If you would like a copy of our rules before you arrive, shoot us an email (operations@allamericanaxethrowing.com) and we’ll be happy to send them to you.

Are we allowed to bring our own axes?

For public play, whether during regular or special hours, NO, you may not bring your own axes unless you are a league member.

For league members, you may bring your own.  However, they must be measured & weighed by our axe masters before play to ensure that they meet WATL standards.

Can we bring our own food?

Of course!  We don’t have a concession stand at either location, so you are free to bring any kind of food that you want with you.  However, you are responsible for all clean up.

Is alcohol permitted or available?

YES!  At BOTH of our locations we now feature beer, liquor, water, and soda!  Therefore, you may not bring your own beverages, alcoholic or otherwise.

Because of the full bars at both locations, participants ARE NOT permitted to bring their own drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike.

There is a 2 drink limit per person for safety reasons & we check the IDs of anyone under the age of 40.

We know what you’re thinking; everyone says it: “Axe throwing and alcohol? That sounds like a bad idea.”  You might be surprised to learn that the vast majority of axe throwing venues also offer alcohol.  We make sure to monitor our customers closely.  If a participant arrives too intoxicated or becomes too impaired to play safely, we reserve the right to end their experience. This is for the safety of all involved.


What is axe throwing?

You and your friends will spend ~2 hours throwing a small hatchet at a target as you learn, practice, and then finally square off toe-to-toe in a group tournament that will result in the crowning of an Axe Throwing Champion. Our unique axe throwing experience is fun and casual! Whether you are looking to pick up a new hobby, learn a new skill, or simply find a reason to hang out with some of your favorite friends, we are here to serve you with an unforgettable experience.

Is it safe?

Yes!  Despite what many think when they hear about axe throwing, it is actually very safe.  We are very strict with our rules and they are to make sure that everyone is throwing the axes in a safe manner.

Does anyone teach us?

Yes! Our axe throwing sessions are run by trained “axeperts” who will show you how to safely handle an axe and chuck it with accuracy whilst giving you tips on how to capture that illustrious bullseye.

Do we need to bring any equipment?

Nope!  All American Axe Throwing will provide you with everything you need to have an amazing experience.

Do you offer any leagues?

YES! We are now proud members of the WORLD AXE THROWING LEAGUE!

Visit our LEAGUES page for more information, and to register for upcoming leagues. Our Spring league begins on Wednesday, April 22nd!

Do your targets fit WATL specifications?

Yes, all lanes at both locations are now set to WATL specifications regarding the bullseye and kill shots.

Do you accept special group bookings?

Yes, we do!  We can accommodate special groups at any time beginning no earlier than 4pm and ending no later than 9pm Monday through Saturday.

If your group is less than 20 people and will fall during our normal hours, you may just book your game online like normal.

If you need a special day/time, or you have more than 20, contact us to arrange your experience.  We require at least (6) players for a booking on a special day/time.  Also, to ensure availability of the facility and of the staff, we require at least a 7-day advance notice for all special bookings. View group rates HERE.

Do you have gift certificates/cards available?

YES, we do!

Several different denominations of gift vouchers are available for purchase HERE for our AKRON location, and HERE for our CANTON location.  You will be emailed a voucher code that you can print out and insert into any card/gift that you choose in order to present your gift to the giftee.

We do NOT have physical gift cards/certificates for sale. You will need to print out the voucher code yourself.

Can we have people come & watch (but not play) for free?

Absolutely!  As long as you aren’t bringing an entire football team along to watch, we gladly allow people to come and watch without paying.  However, our axe masters will make sure that person(s) do not throw without paying.  It’s not fair to everyone else if we do so.